Jaco Schilp

immersive design | live performance | media art | curator

My name is Jaco Schilp, media art curator, immersive video artist, event organizer, light designer and in my spare time historical iron maker and blacksmith.

In 2016 I graduated from the Reinwardt Academie, BA Cultural Heritage, where I specialized myself in exhibition design, narrative spaces, intangible heritage and archeological reconstructions. After my study I soon started working with digital art, creating performative projected immersive spaces, and organizing cultural projects.

Within my work as an artist I develop multiple digital art installations and perform as a live visual artist, at multiple shows such as Boiler room, Le Guess Who? and 3FM Awards. I was involved in big scale projections on buildings such as the Kunsthal (Rotterdam), Arsenal Centre of Contemporary Arts (Nizhny Novgorod Russia), Museum de Fundatie (Zwolle), Cathedral of St Bavo (Haarlem) and Centraal Museum (Utrecht).

Beside my own artistic practice I am also one of the two founding members and curators of Uncloud. Together with Skander Jaïbi we have been working on this project for the last 6 years.

Uncloud is nowadays a foundation and a platform for interdisciplinary art and experimental contemporary sound, based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Within this program we like to blend multiple genres, and organise events such as concerts, residencies, exhibitions, co-creating projectes, educational programs and master classes.

Uncloud 2021 Volkskrant Uncloud 2021 Radio 1 Uncloud 2020 RTV Utrecht Stedelijk Museum Schiedam 2020 Bevrijding van het Pieter Baan De NUK Pieter Baan Centrum 3voor12 Uncloud 2020 3voor12 Bring Your Own Beamer 2020 RTV Utrecht Uncloud 2018 3voor12 Bring Your Own Beamer 2016